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Women’s health research addresses both health issues unique to people that identify as women, as well as health conditions for which sex and gender may confer differences in risk, presentation and/or treatment response. “Sex” is a biological construct that refers to chromosomal compliment (e.g. XX, XY, XO, XXY) and reproductive anatomy. “Gender” is a social construct that refers to socially established identities of female, male and gender-diverse people. Neither sex nor gender are binary.

Inequity in scientific research drives health disparity. We aim to advance women'shealth by balancing research.

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How do we raise awareness and tackle the unanswered questions on women's health?

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We connect donors passionate about solving women's health issues with vetted scientific projects.

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We fund biomedical research that tackles fundamental questions about women’s health across full lifespan.

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We advocate to raise awareness and advance the health and wellness of women.

Why it matters
51 Foundation - 1/3
of prescription medications have never been tested in 51% of the population. Women are twice as likely to experience an adverse reaction across all classes of medication.
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1 billlion women will be post-menopausal by 2025 but 80% of residency programs fail to include menopause in the curriculum.
51 Foundation - 38 years
It took 38 years to publish guidelines for cardiovascular disease prevention and diagnosis in women after menopause was identified as a major risk factor.
51 Foundation - Half
of the top publications in health-related fields still exclude female subjects.
51 Foundation - 2018
less than half of one percent of neuroscience research published in top scientific journals investigated the relationship between a women’s health factor and the brain.

Together we will eliminate bias and balance research to advance evidence-based health care for women.

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It’s about time for female research subjects
It’s about time for female research subjects
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Across more than 700 diseases, women are diagnosed on average 4 years later than men
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Women experience greater pain sensitivity but are less likely than men to receive pain medication.